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Yasuko From My Heart
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Live videos uploaded!
20.09.2012 20:49:50

Hello! I have just uploaded the live videos! I would be happy, if you watch these and enjoy with them!

" Prelude Time / Sunshine "                -  http://youtu.be/aC52iEd6WPc

" Stay here "                      - http://youtu.be/v-6oPI-XJ3c 


" Ano hi wo torimodoshitai "                 ー http://youtu.be/53twPMRr-Hg


" Kanawanu Negai - Unfulfilled Wish "    ー   http://youtu.be/CnS33YW9gH8


" Jinsei no Imi - The Meaning of Life "   ー  http://youtu.be/wsjcpYAkAKY


Thanks for all and my next target...
04.09.2012 10:57:13



Hello I`m back from Japan:-)!   I`ve met  many people there and I `ve got many exciting experiences in this summer ,too.. Of Course, my two lives in Osaka were surely one of their experiences:-))!  These were great!! There were many wonderful audience, good other singers, had great atmosphere and equipment in both live-houses, could work with very friendly and sympathetic people...etc.. So I `ve got really unforgettable great experiences and memories that I `d like really to say "thank you...".   

Well, so now... I`d like to start for my next target:-)! Next target is my new CD!! I hope it`ll be able to produced until next summer. So I`ll start to work for this project... Maybe I`ll got a special cooperator:-). Time passes by so quickly...So I `d like to try to do my best everyday.. I wish your everyday may also satisfactory and happy day too:-).  well, Next week I`II upload my live-videos. Please don`t miss it:-)!


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