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Live in Osaka July/ Aug.2012
18.06.2012 22:49:38

I`m (we) going to go to Japan in this summer, too. And I`ll give a live in this year as well. But, not only 1time, but 2 times! In this year, I`ll give also live in Shinsaibashi as well as in Umeda like recent years. I`ll play 2 brand-new songs, which I`ve never played before. And sure, I would like to perform 2 visionary?! songs "Meaning of life" and "Unfulfilled wish" and also I`ll play a song from my CD, if I would still have a time... So I would be very happy, if you would be coming to my lives! And if you`d like to have an advance ticket, please contact me with a mail. I`ll sure reserve it for you. I`m looking forward to seeing you soon in Japan!  And my recent secretly wish... If I could give performance on the street someday in July and somewhere in Osaka...It would be so nice..! So exciting and would have fun:-)!!I

 またまた今年の夏も日本へ行きま~~~す♪そして!今回もライヴ、させて頂く事になりました~♪今回は何と!心斎橋と梅田の方と2箇所別々のライヴハウスで2回ライヴをさせて頂きます!新曲も2曲織り交ぜ、さらに去年からの幻の曲「人生の意味」と「叶わぬ願い」ももちろん、さらにCDからのお馴染みの曲も時間が許せば…演奏したいな、と思っています。。是非是非、皆さん見に来てくださ~~い♪♪ そして、その2日間以外でも…ストリートでCMがてらパフォーマンスもできればいいな、、なんて最近考えてもいます!大阪駅周辺で7月に突如出没するかもしれません…?!ちなみに前売りチケットもしご希望の方がいらっしゃいましたら、私のほうに直接言って頂いてもOkです。メールしてくださいね~♪

☆7月27日(金)心斎橋 Soap opera classics  (http://www.toms-soc.jp/index.html)


【OPEN/START】 18:30/19:00

【ADV/DOOR】 ¥2,000/¥2,500


【LINEUP】 はるのまい / HARUKA / 岸岡ちなみ/吉田このみ/ Yasuko

☆ 8月3日(金)梅田AmHALL (http://amhall.jp/index.html)

 Bitter &Sweet

Open/ Start   18:30/19:00

ADV/DOOR   2,000 / 2,500  (別途1ドリンク代 500yen)

Line Up  INUUNIQ / Yasuko / 金字塔 / 御影真秀withラズライクエア / TRAITOR

Line Up INUUNIQ / Yasuko / 金字塔 / 御影真秀withラズライクエア/ TRAITOR

Coldplay Concert!!!
12.06.2012 22:48:01

Wow....!!!!!!! That was awesome...!! Sa.26.May.2012, I and my daughter were in Letzigrund in Zürich. It is a big stadium had Coldplay concert there!!! At first, we`ve got a wrist-band by the entrance and we ran into the field as front as possible. And we were waiting about 4hours under the direct rays of the sun until finally the Coldplay came on the stage... But!  It was worthwhile waiting. From the beginning of concert till the end, they made us so happy... Especially, what they fascinated me was not only the music but also optical effect! For example, colourful confetti, laser beams, big colour Balloons, many fireworks, and that wrist-band which blinked automatically with the music... they looked so cool!! Oh, I was very happy in this evening...not only because of the awesome concert, but also my dream came true... I`ve wished for a long time, that I wanted to go to a concert (such big one) someday with my children.  After the concert, I and my daughter were so satisfying that we were singing together on the whole way to the station... :-). It was great and unforgettable evening for us!




The blue coast...
12.06.2012 22:05:02
.....On Monday 16th.April 2012, we started off our trip to Nice in France. Because of water pipes works in our whole apartment house, we couldn`t have a water whole 3 days during the works. So, on this occasion - it was also the time of spring school holidays - we decided to go on a trip somewhere. Then, we went to the Côte d'Azur!!  We stayed in Nice 4nights and we visited everyday to the other places like as, Saint-Tropez, Antibes, Monaco, Eze and sure, Nice, too. Everywhere were very attractive... But what the most fascinated me was...the sea, the "Blue" sea!  It would be maybe a little bit ashamed to say, but I didn`t know the meaning (translation) of „Côte d`Azur (The blue Coast) “.  Especially, when I saw the sea for the first time in Nice, I was so surprised at the colour... It was really unbelievable...we can see such beautiful Blue Sea; even we are in a big city! That impression was my most rememberable thing in this trip…

The 6.Amusement Concert
11.06.2012 11:54:40

The 6.Amusement concert was performed on 15.April in this year. I organise every year this concert, which everybody, if they like, can perform their performances in front of the audience such like - playing instruments, singing, every sort of dancing, magic, etc. Especially many children perform ever year and it is really so cute to see them :-). After the concert has also Apéro and we were eating, drinking and talking... We had a really good time in this year as well as last years and hoping the people and the children were also enjoying with the concert. 


I`ve done again...
11.06.2012 11:03:55

...oh...It has passed a long time ,again... since I had written a last blog...   but, now I would like to try to write down some blogs which I`ve experienced during this 4months... 

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