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Yasuko From My Heart
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Live in Osaka July/ Aug.2012

I`m (we) going to go to Japan in this summer, too. And I`ll give a live in this year as well. But, not only 1time, but 2 times! In this year, I`ll give also live in Shinsaibashi as well as in Umeda like recent years. I`ll play 2 brand-new songs, which I`ve never played before. And sure, I would like to perform 2 visionary?! songs "Meaning of life" and "Unfulfilled wish" and also I`ll play a song from my CD, if I would still have a time... So I would be very happy, if you would be coming to my lives! And if you`d like to have an advance ticket, please contact me with a mail. I`ll sure reserve it for you. I`m looking forward to seeing you soon in Japan!  And my recent secretly wish... If I could give performance on the street someday in July and somewhere in Osaka...It would be so nice..! So exciting and would have fun:-)!!I

 またまた今年の夏も日本へ行きま~~~す♪そして!今回もライヴ、させて頂く事になりました~♪今回は何と!心斎橋と梅田の方と2箇所別々のライヴハウスで2回ライヴをさせて頂きます!新曲も2曲織り交ぜ、さらに去年からの幻の曲「人生の意味」と「叶わぬ願い」ももちろん、さらにCDからのお馴染みの曲も時間が許せば…演奏したいな、と思っています。。是非是非、皆さん見に来てくださ~~い♪♪ そして、その2日間以外でも…ストリートでCMがてらパフォーマンスもできればいいな、、なんて最近考えてもいます!大阪駅周辺で7月に突如出没するかもしれません…?!ちなみに前売りチケットもしご希望の方がいらっしゃいましたら、私のほうに直接言って頂いてもOkです。メールしてくださいね~♪

☆7月27日(金)心斎橋 Soap opera classics  (http://www.toms-soc.jp/index.html)


【OPEN/START】 18:30/19:00

【ADV/DOOR】 ¥2,000/¥2,500


【LINEUP】 はるのまい / HARUKA / 岸岡ちなみ/吉田このみ/ Yasuko

☆ 8月3日(金)梅田AmHALL (http://amhall.jp/index.html)

 Bitter &Sweet

Open/ Start   18:30/19:00

ADV/DOOR   2,000 / 2,500  (別途1ドリンク代 500yen)

Line Up  INUUNIQ / Yasuko / 金字塔 / 御影真秀withラズライクエア / TRAITOR

Line Up INUUNIQ / Yasuko / 金字塔 / 御影真秀withラズライクエア/ TRAITOR

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25.08.2015 16:45:53
Fiindng this post. It's just a big piece of luck for me.
19.07.2012 03:12:25

hi yasuko, i'm very happy to hear you will be performing in japan again.

i wish you a lot of success with your concerts. may many people enjoy your

beautiful voice, your very meaningful lyrics and your amazing piano playing.

i'm a big fan of you and i'm looking foreward to meet you one day :)

big hug and kisses 'from my heart'


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